Enterprise Skills

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Enterprise Skills by Mind Map: Enterprise Skills

1. Teamwork/ Collaboration

1.1. Give responsibilities

2. Financial Literacy

2.1. Integrating into materials, experiment set-ups, considering finance in conjunction with sustainability, recycle etc.

3. Digital Literacy

4. Critical Thinking

4.1. Use of High-end pedagogy

5. ICT integration into lessons, use of collaborative ICT such as blogs to communicate to others (class, community, world)

6. Use of ICT that allows collaboration, group work in classrooms, unity between science disciplines (how they inter-relate, working together for gains),

7. Numeracy

8. ICT Capability

9. Intercultural Understanding, Ethical Understanding

10. Problem Solving

11. Creativity

11.1. Use of ICT

11.2. Encourage thinking outside the box

11.3. Provide little context to allow for imagination and personal creativity

12. Communication

12.1. develop a wide range of communication skills

13. Presentation Skills

13.1. Build student confidence

13.2. Build knowledge to allow for confidence

13.3. Teach flexibility

13.4. GRIT

13.5. Expressive communication

14. Problem-based Learning Approaches, student-directed learning, process orientated

15. Critical and Creative Thinking

16. Literacy

17. Personal and Social Capability