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Public Big History Project: A Story For Everyone by Mind Map: Public Big History Project: A Story For Everyone
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Public Big History Project: A Story For Everyone

The Big History series asks questions guaranteed to change the way you look at the past. Did Napoleon’s invasion of Russia come undone because of…tin buttons?  Did New York become America’s biggest city because of…salt? How does the sinking of the Titanic power your cell phone? What’s the connection between ancient Egyptian mummies and a modern ham and cheese sandwich? By weaving science into the core of the human story, Big History takes familiar subjects and gives them a twist that will have you rethinking everything from the Big Bang to today’s headlines. The series creates an interconnected panorama of patterns and themes that links history to dozens of fields including astronomy, biology, chemistry, and geology.  The first season ends with a two-hour finale that pulls everything we know about science and history into one grand narrative of the universe and us.

Units of Big History

Big History Year-Long Plan

Unit 1 - What is Big History?

Unit #2: The Big Bang

Unit #3: The Stars Light Up & New Chemical Elements

Unit #4: Our Solar System

Unit #5: Life

Unit #6: Early Humans

Unit #7: Agriculture & Civilization

Unit #8: Expansion & Interconnection

Unit #9: Acceleration

Unit #10: The Future

Big History Series - History Channel

Year Long Plan

Year-Long Big History Syllabus


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