Triple threat

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Triple threat by Mind Map: Triple threat

1. Cullman High Schools Sarah Helms is going to IAMT they rewarded her one of the highest scholarships.

1.1. She sings, dances,and acts.

1.1.1. Project specifications

1.1.2. End User requirements

1.1.3. Action points sign-off

1.2. They saw how good she was in the Shrek and Beauty and the Beast where she had the lead part

1.2.1. Top Priorities

1.2.2. Medium Priorities

1.2.3. Low Priorities

2. She is very worried about going so far away

2.1. She said she will need help with funding some things

2.1.1. Materials

2.1.2. Personnel

2.1.3. Services

2.1.4. Duration

2.2. She said she couldn't turn down an opportunity like this.

3. Something she has always loved to do and is a dream of hers

3.1. She said this was a big deal for her

3.2. Acting, singing, and dancing were things she has done her whole life