Process and Threads

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Process and Threads by Mind Map: Process and Threads

1. Process

1.1. A program in execution

1.2. An instance of a running program

1.3. the entity that can be assigned to, and executed on a processor

1.4. A unit of activity characterized by a single sequential threads of execution, a current state, and an associated set of system resources.

2. Process Element

2.1. Program code

2.2. Set of data associated with that code

2.3. 8 process element

2.3.1. Identifier

2.3.2. State

2.3.3. Priority

2.3.4. Program Counter

2.3.5. Memory Pointer

2.3.6. Context Data

2.3.7. I/O status information

2.3.8. Accounting information

2.4. Control block

2.4.1. Created and managed by OS

2.4.2. Key tools allows support for multiple processes.

3. States

3.1. Trace

3.1.1. Sequence of instructions that execute for process (executed by CPU)

3.2. Dispatcher

3.2.1. Small Program that switches the processor from one process to another.

4. Two-State Process Model

4.1. Running

4.2. Not running

5. Process Creation

5.1. Process Spawning

5.2. Parent Process

5.3. Child Process

6. Suspended Process

6.1. Swapping

6.2. Characteristics

6.2.1. The process is not imediately available for execution

6.2.2. The process was placed in a suspended state by an agent;either itself, a parent process, or the OS, for the purpose of preventing its execution.

6.2.3. The process may or may not be waiting on an event

6.2.4. The process may not be removed from this state until the agent explicitly orders the removal.

7. Processses and Threads

7.1. Resources Ownership

7.2. Scheduling/ Execution

8. Benefits of Threads

8.1. Takes less time to create a new thread than a process

8.2. Less time to terminate a thread than a process

8.3. Switching between two threads takes less time than switching between processes

8.4. Threads enhance efficiency in communication between program