Major Events of WWII

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Major Events of WWII by Mind Map: Major Events of WWII

1. Causes

1.1. Treaty of Versailles

1.1.1. blamed Germany for everything that happened in WWI

1.2. Facism

1.2.1. Facist dictators wanted to expand their empires

1.3. Nazi Party

1.3.1. Grew strong under Hitler's rule

1.3.2. began taking other countries without League of Nations stopping them

1.4. Great Depression

1.4.1. Made all countreis world wide go into poverty

1.4.2. Caused some governmants to change and become more forceful in ruling (dictatorships)

2. Who was involved?

2.1. Germany

2.1.1. Adolf Hitler

2.2. Russia

2.2.1. Josef Stalin Began war with nonaggression pact with Germany, and ended war fighting against them

2.3. Britain

2.3.1. Winston Churchill Entered war when Germany invaded Poland

2.4. United States

2.4.1. Roosevelt Entered war when bombed

2.5. Japan

2.5.1. Sided with Germany, entered later

3. D-Day

3.1. June 6, 1944

3.1.1. General Dwight Eisenhower led U.S. and Allied troops in an invasion of

3.2. On May 7, 1945

3.2.1. Germany surrendered

4. Hiroshima and Nagasaki

4.1. Truman decided to use the newly developed atomic bomb to end the war

4.1.1. August 6, 1945 atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan

4.1.2. August 9, 1945 second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan

5. The Holocaust

5.1. murder of approximately six million Jews

5.2. Germans believed they were "racially superior"

5.3. Nazis targeted groups they perceived as racial inferiority

6. Germany Invades Poland

6.1. September 1939

6.2. France and Britain declared war on Germany

6.3. After conquering Poland, Germany attacked France