The World Wars

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The World Wars by Mind Map: The World Wars

1. WW2

1.1. 1939-1945

1.1.1. Conflict Axis Powers Germany, Italy, Japan Allied Powers France, Britain, Soviet Union, U.S

1.1.2. Resolution 60 Million left dead Allied powers prevailed

2. WW1

2.1. 1914-1918

2.1.1. Conflict Allied powers: France, Britain, Russia, Italy, Japan, and the U.S Series of treaties, and fighting militarism and Imperalism Central Powers Central Powers: Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Turkey

2.1.2. Resolution Over 40 million dead The German, Russian, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires were defeated

3. Similarities

3.1. Fought between very similar countries

3.2. Mostly European, very few Asian or American

3.3. Both wars won by the Allied powers

3.4. Involved Germany Heavily

3.5. Caused improvements in Military

3.6. Resulted in a dangerously high number of deaths