People will get to mars because Space X can cost effectively launch and reuse rockets

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People will get to mars because Space X can cost effectively launch and reuse rockets by Mind Map: People will get to mars because Space X can cost effectively launch and reuse rockets

1. Space X makes all of their equipment allowing them to have almost full control the quality. If Elon were to come up with a new plan they could easily control the changes. This is important to the well functioning of the company.

2. Private enterprises, such as Space X can achieve the goal with less money and more productivity.

3. Space X can reuse their rockets as tested in February in Florida with the Falcon 9.

3.1. Space X and Elon Musk have good control over everything happening. The have also changed very rapidly.

4. With the high competition between companies, which mainly rely on their CEO's and such, there is an uncertainty that will develop later on, whether the companies are doing it for their own good or for the people

5. They could good go bankrupt if a mission fails. Space X is not likely to go bankrupt any time soon with reusable rockets.

6. This company can get other companies around them to build an integrated vertical Eco-system with funding from the capital market, whereas the government only has a limited amount of money coming from tax; this is especially bad because if there is a shortage of money, the government will be reluctant and there could be bad quality

7. This company is more likely to share their ideas to improve society as a whole

7.1. The government might not share this information

8. This industry used to be a monopoly and with Space X introducing private companies to the market means some amount of competition and a little bit of competition to this industries is healthy.

9. If Elon Musk quits what's next? Well, the structure of the company Elon Musk created is sturdy and will ensure that the company lands in good hands

9.1. Elon Musk is not looking at retiring anytime soon

10. What if there were to be a lost in contact on the way to or from Mars, this, however, is highly impossible because with newly advanced

10.1. Space X has a very track record and is not likely to make mistakes and miscalculation

11. If the rocket suddenly bursts into flame like Apollo 1, what do we do? This won't happen because the travel to Mars is at least 10 years off. These are 10 years to perfect and innovate, so these mishaps most likely will be avoided.

12. Space X has already accepted the contract of 2 individuals to take people out to space, this shows their credibility is high and they may present the worlds first form of lunar tourism.

13. The success of Elon Musk attracts the attention of the younger generation.

13.1. If the government were in control they would not share most of the material and children that were interested wouldn't be able to access the information

14. Falcon 9's accident gave Space X a 1 year setback but they continued to strived until they got the time that they had lost and succeeded 6 months later.

14.1. This phenomenon was an accident, but there were no causalities, this shows that Space X will continue to try until it is perfected before they test it.