Major events of WWII

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Major events of WWII by Mind Map: Major events of WWII

1. Africa

1.1. North African campaign

1.1.1. June 1940, Axis and Allied forces fought each other

1.1.2. Italy invaded Egypt after declaring war on the allied forces

1.1.3. Second Battle of El Alamein British drove Axis forces out of Egypt

1.1.4. Operation torch Brought in thousands of American and British forces Made Axis forces surrender in Tunisia which ended the campaign

2. Pacific

2.1. Japan

2.1.1. Pearl Harbor December 7,1941. Japanese planes attacked US naval base in Hawaii Destroyed 20 naval vessels, 8 battle ships, and over 300 planes Caused FDR to declare war on Japan Caused Japan's allies, Germany and Italy to also declare war on the US

2.2. War in the pacific

2.2.1. Ended with US dropping bomb on Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki

2.3. Battle of the coral sea

2.3.1. Allied forces attacked Japanese forces trying to take over Port Moresby

2.3.2. Left Japan without enough planes to capture Port Moresby

2.3.3. Resulted as a strategic victory for the Allied forces

2.4. Battle of Guadalcanal

2.4.1. Marines launched a surprise attack on Japanese troops in the Solomon Islands

2.4.2. Forced Japanese withdrawal from the Guadalcanal

2.4.3. Marines took over an airbase in construction from Japan

3. Europe

3.1. German Soviet pact

3.1.1. Led to Germany invading Poland, starting WWII

3.1.2. Britain and US declared war on Germany

3.2. D-Day

3.2.1. 150000 allied forces landed in France

3.2.2. Pushed Germany out of France