Major Events of WW2

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Major Events of WW2 by Mind Map: Major Events of WW2

1. Pacific Theater

1.1. Bombs

1.1.1. atomic bombs dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki ordered by President Truman

1.2. VJ day

1.2.1. September 2 Victory over japan day celebrates the victory of the allied powers in the pacific theater

1.3. Pearl Harbor

1.3.1. surprise military strike by japan on US pearl harbor in hawaii Led to US entry into WW2 Wanted to take preventative action by crippling US fleet so they couldn't interfere in efforts in southeast asia

2. European Theater

2.1. Eastern Front

2.1.1. Large scale confrontation Hitler v Allied powers in europe

2.1.2. Germany opposed to outcome of treaties after WW1 led to axis powers teaming up against world powers

2.1.3. Operation Barbarossa Germany undermines soviet communications Attacked from baltic to black sea June 1941 900,000 german casualties

2.2. Western Front

2.2.1. Britain, France, Italy, Germany main combatants May 1940 Battle for France Allies collapsed against blitzkrieg

2.2.2. Liberation of France Invasion of Southern France- Operation dragoon Allies retake France from Axis powers

3. African Theater

3.1. 1940-1943 North African Campaign

3.1.1. Italians declared war on June 10 1940

3.2. US military did not enter until 1942 with direct military assistance

3.3. Nearly 400000 troops dead injured or ill by end of war

3.3.1. Invasion of Sicily two months after end of war