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Data Program Management (DPM) by Mind Map: Data Program Management (DPM)
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Data Program Management (DPM)

Data Program Management (DPM) is the intelligent application of data management tools, technologies, and processes to improve the usefulness of an organization’s data. 


If you answer “yes” to any of these questions you may need to step back and re-think your organization’s approach to how you think about and manage your data.

Increasing data volumes?

Changing user demand?

Need for speed?

Lack of standards?

DPM Components

DPM starts with a “deep dive” into the data – what you have, how it’s organized, how it’s currently managed and used, and how these all relate to what your organization needs to accomplish.

Data strategy

Data Strategy addresses how data programs are planned and executed. 

Data architecture

Data Architecture addresses how the organization’s current and future data and metadata are defined and organized.

Data Governance

Data Governance addresses how data, metadata, and their associated processes are managed. 

DPM Mission

What will DPM help you accomplish?

Improve how data are defined, organized, managed, analyzed, and used.

Document and manage significant technical and semantic data and metadata relationships.

Apply data assets wisely in alignment with the organization’s goals and objectives.

Contact: Dennis D. McDonald, Ph.D., Alexandria, Virginia USA. Website: Email: Copyright (c) 2017 by Dennis D. McDonald.