Mobile Apps In Education

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Mobile Apps In Education by Mind Map: Mobile Apps In Education

1. Presentation

1.1. VoiceThread

1.1.1. Multimedia slide show a user can edit to add voice overs, hold images, texts, videos, etc. Allows users to comment, leave audio messages/comments on slide show.

1.2. Prezi Viewer

1.2.1. Allows for creation an presentation of online slideshows.

2. Notes/Study Material

2.1. Quizlet

2.1.1. free site to access study materiel shared by others, ability to create flashcards quizzes, vocab searches, and more. Can study on the go and anywhere!

2.2. Sketchbook Express

2.2.1. Created for androids, is a drawing/sketch application that allows for writing, coloring, and more. Can be used as a notebook

2.3. Evernote App.

2.3.1. online application that allows for users to note anything they want, allow for journal-ing, note taking, doodling, etc. Can be your notes accessed and compiled from any device. All notes are organized and categorized by the user's preference.

3. Collaboration

3.1. Edmodo

3.1.1. allows teachers and students to connect together. Offers a central location for documents, media, etc to be shared and discussed. Can access quizzes, assignments and communicate with one another.

3.1.2. free application that allows documents to be shared, edited, and created online. Can be accessed by anyone who you share a link with.

3.2. Skype

3.2.1. Free chatting, can be group video chatting, instant messaging, and voice messages. Great for conferencing

3.3. Faceboook

3.3.1. social networking site, easy to communicate and share with friends. Can be in specific groups. Allows posting of all media (articles, documents, videos, images, etc.)

3.4. Google Docs

3.5. Aww

3.5.1. online smartboard that allows for collaboration on a tablet, computer, and smartphone.