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Mining in Waihi by Mind Map: Mining in Waihi

1. Continue to mine in Waihi

1.1. Positive

1.1.1. Lots of tourist come to Waihi to look at the mine and this brings money to the community because they spend money buying things from the shops

1.1.2. More job opportunities

1.1.3. The average wage is $96 000 (more than teachers)

1.1.4. Because of the mine Waihi has free parking

1.1.5. Mine donates to schools and communities

1.1.6. For every person that works at the mine each year they plant a native tree

1.1.7. Miner's health insurance is free

1.1.8. The mine hires local businesses e.g painters and builders

1.2. Negitive

1.2.1. Residents have to deal with loud sounds and vibrations that sound and feel like earthquakes

1.2.2. Lots of dust pollution which affects health

1.2.3. It is a dangerous job, it has a high risk of being killed

1.2.4. There are not many car parks

1.2.5. There have been 2 big land slips and since then no one has been underground, this could take a while to fix

2. Continue to mine in Waihi but at a reduced rate of extraction of gold and silver

2.1. Positive

2.1.1. The mine is still operating so it is still a tourist attraction

2.1.2. There are less blasts of sound and vibrations

2.1.3. The mine still provides people with a job

2.1.4. Local businesses get to earn money by working in the mine

2.2. Negitive

2.2.1. There is less gold and silver being extracted so the money being earned has decreased

2.2.2. Still some blasts of sound and vibrations.

2.2.3. Miners wont get paid as much

2.2.4. Less donations to schools and the community

2.2.5. The donations to schools and the community will decrease

3. stop mining in Waihi in the next six months

3.1. Positive

3.1.1. A lake will be built which is environmentally friendly and a great for families with kids to go to

3.1.2. Residents and businesses will no longer have to deal with loud blasts and vibrations.

3.1.3. dust pollution in the air wont be a problem and people wont have to be worried about breathing in dust and small rock shards.

3.2. Negitive

3.2.1. Less tourist will come to visit Waihi which would cause a decrease of money in the local community.

3.2.2. Many people will loose their jobs because over 800 people have jobs because of the mine

3.2.3. If they can't make a swimmable lake they loose 3.2 million dollars

3.2.4. Schools and the community wont be getting as many donations which means school fees might go up because the need more money to be able to supply kids with a good education

3.2.5. They loose their towns historical feature