Classroom Response Technology: Turning Point Systems

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Classroom Response Technology: Turning Point Systems by Mind Map: Classroom Response Technology: Turning Point Systems

1. What I Have Learned...

1.1. This class FLIES by!

1.2. Department heads are impossible to get in touch with

1.3. Classroom response technology will likely be a benefit

1.4. My school is incredibly supportive of this research

1.5. Nearly all students (not just freshmen) have little to no idea about what CRT is and how it works

2. Completed so far

2.1. Turning Point training

2.2. Draft Letter to Parents

2.3. Meeting with 9th grade History teachers

2.3.1. New node

2.4. Scheduled meeting with Dept. head

3. Questions and Concerns I Still Have...

3.1. My sample size of students is too small

3.2. I may find that CRT is effective, but not how

3.2.1. My connection between CRT and student success is spurious

3.3. The difference between my instruction and their regular teacher will create a difference (positive or negative) in performance that will mask what I am trying to study

4. Still To Do

4.1. Meet with Dept. head

4.1.1. Check draft lesson plan with MA standards and upcoming curricular needs

4.2. Send out draft letter to parents

4.3. Implement design

4.4. Collect research

4.5. Analyze research