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Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Mobile Apps

1. Presentations

1.1. chatterpix or chatterpix kids

1.1.1. A fun creative app for students of any age to create short 30 second clips to present information by recording their voice and attaching it to any image. chatterpix kids does not allow images to be shared

1.2. tellagami

1.2.1. same format as chatterpix

1.3. prezi

1.3.1. a great way for students to present information. allows viewers to see the connection between all slides

2. Collaboration




3. reading/language arts

3.1. Winning words

3.1.1. offers 7 different games to play. same format as the card game memory. antonym, synonym, homophone, compound word, singular and plural, double letter, and verb match

3.2. epic

3.2.1. offers students thousands of titles for reading. available on both ios and android

3.3. teach your monster to read

3.3.1. used for aiding in students everythingfrom learning letter sounds to reading complete sentences. a fun game to help keep students engaged in their learning. available on the web or as an app on all devices


4.1. sumdog

4.1.1. offers fun, personoalized, engaging math game that moves the students along throughout the standards. offered for CCSS and many other state curriculums

4.2. splash math

4.2.1. an engaging interactive game that offers personalized learning to continue the students throughout all levels of math standards. used within our elementary schools

4.3. chicken coop fraction games

4.3.1. an area that a majority of our students struggle with is fractions. this game is an engaging fun way to help kids learn or better understand the concepts of fractions and decimals.