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Shanlee Pte Ltd by Mind Map: Shanlee Pte Ltd


1.1. the People

1.1.1. jasmine

1.1.2. Rico obedient, get the job done, loyal

1.1.3. Francis loyal, willing to learn

1.1.4. Peter 30 years experience halal nakery/pastry knowledgable


2.1. The people

2.1.1. Francis lack of experience, confidence

2.1.2. Rico no planning/vision

2.2. product packaging for better shelve life

2.3. sales to improve in singapore

2.4. reduce loss in wastage

2.4.1. possible reduce the load, eg the carton would be too heavy, make it smaller package, easier to handle less damage, easier to push to customer?

2.5. awareness of ARTS product is not there

2.5.1. to improve the awareness of the products healthier choice of veg food choice

3. TDM's POV - on SL Needs

3.1. the right people - seek HR advice

3.1.1. identify the scope of work need need to understand the business well as a team discover the Gaps of the people's role

3.2. maintain the people?

3.3. to increase the sales of the Sg-Brand Products

3.3.1. to build the website and e-site

3.3.2. to sell the products at existing retails effectively need the feedback from the customers

3.4. ? Brand perception effectiveness

3.5. define what are the opportunities, challenges


4.1. own brand

4.1.1. own brand to sell os & sg export & sales process product improvement packaging product quality sales strategy / improvement brand establishment delegation of accounts to capture NTUC more outlets, GIANT, SS and all supermarkets to open new market such as food caterer need a marketing help here ? maynot ops improvement storage delivery sales process service process

4.1.2. increase product ranges production development process business process to ready product including certification, packaging, export, sales

4.2. distribution products

4.2.1. production - OEM

4.2.2. sales process improve sales in sg build up more channels, strengthen existing channels

4.2.3. NOTE: jasmine's relationship with Pkistan is strong what is the strength that can be leverage? EXPORT OEM products for Sg (different products?)

4.3. SL brand to establish

4.3.1. website & e-site

4.3.2. values & services welcome partners process to qualify good product suitable welcome new customers retain recurring clients

4.4. others eg bz structure

4.4.1. increase manpower in ops and sales

4.4.2. professional structure, roles

4.4.3. culture .. company values

4.5. import market expansion

4.5.1. hotel

4.5.2. food catering

5. Company Vision and Mission statements, Values

5.1. to be the company for Import, OEM, Distribution leader in singapore and SEA?


6.1. vegetalk

6.2. veggietalk

7. Current resources / partners

7.1. malaysia

7.2. China

7.3. Pakistan


8.1. Increase OEM sales as an option

8.1.1. leverage on the existing partners capability

8.1.2. including Vietnam in the list

8.2. Export business to take place

8.2.1. leverage on Francis contact to export to US

8.2.2. trade shows into Indonesia

8.3. increase the margin of the existing business by reducing wastage costs

8.4. profit sharing ... incentives to motivate staffs?

8.5. new products

8.5.1. thru Vietnam (francis contact)

8.6. increase revenue through new market, bigger market share, increase product ranges, reduce wastage costs

8.7. responsive to cold inquiry

8.8. increase effective in current ops to reach all outlets efficiently

8.8.1. with the mechandiser cum rico team delivery and sales touch base would be more effective, wider range?