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Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Mobile Apps

1. Applying

1.1. Adobe Spark Page

1.1.1. Create Exciting Web pages.

1.2. Google Docs

1.2.1. Create documents, edit, and collaborate with others.

2. Evaluating

2.1. Weebly

2.1.1. Create exciting websites.

2.2. Twitter

2.2.1. A social media platform that lets users post short messages, share, and interact.

2.3. Edmodo

2.3.1. A classroom tool that lets users share information and files.

3. Understanding

3.1. Tumblr

3.1.1. Create content, post, share, and interact with other users and communities.

3.2. Airtable

3.2.1. Create ways to organize information in a personal and unique way.

3.3. Voicethread

3.3.1. Make conversations and include information like photos, videos, drawings. Anything there is to discuss, users can share.

4. Analyzing

4.1. Padlet

4.1.1. A resource like a piece of paper-create anything with this app.

4.2. ThingLink

4.2.1. Make images more exciting by adding notes, videos, and editing. Images can also be shared through this app.

5. Creating

5.1. Animoto

5.1.1. Create videos sharing photos, other videos, etc in a creative way.

5.2. Canva

5.2.1. Create graphic designs and edit photos.