Problems on your way to the perfect speech ever

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Problems on your way to the perfect speech ever by Mind Map: Problems on your way to the perfect speech ever

1. Why does idea matter?

1.1. it is the most powerful sorce to shape human culture

1.2. it shapes one's worldview

1.3. it builds a comprehensive idea inside the minds of the audience

2. How to convey my ideas?

2.1. focus on 1 main idea

2.2. give people reason to care

2.3. build the idea piece by piece

2.4. make it worth sharing

3. Why don't people listen to me?

3.1. you're speaking negatively

3.1.1. gossips

3.1.2. judging

3.1.3. complaining

3.1.4. excuses

3.1.5. lying

3.1.6. dogmatism

3.2. you don't inspire

4. How to make people listen to me?

4.1. speak honestly

4.2. love people

4.3. be your word

4.4. mind authenticity

5. Voice

5.1. smooth, warm

5.2. not very low

5.3. slow pace

5.4. proper pitch

5.5. mind your timbre

5.6. warm-up it before any speech

6. Vocabularly

6.1. drop the bullet points

6.2. simple language

6.3. avoid sophisticated words

6.4. use more positive words

6.4.1. "You don't have to"

6.4.2. "I'll give you"

6.4.3. "brain"

6.4.4. "happiness"

6.4.5. "you"

6.5. use metaphors

7. Silence

7.1. attracts attention during oral presentation

7.2. is the result of fear

7.3. causes conflicts, discrimination and wars

8. Topic

8.1. relevant

8.2. captivating

8.3. up-to-the-minute information

9. How to inspire people?

9.1. apply to their wishes and dreams

9.2. act from the inside out

9.3. use the scheme WHY - HOW - WHAT

9.4. coincide with their beliefs

10. You yourself

10.1. be confident

10.2. beat the stage fright

10.3. stetch out to feel confident

10.4. mind your posture

10.5. get rid of the mortal fear of public speaking

10.6. accept who you are

10.7. never give up