Defining My Business

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Defining My Business by Mind Map: Defining My Business

1. Product/Partners

1.1. Planner

1.1.1. Potential partner: school supplies companies Yoobi Staples printing

1.2. Web/mobile app

2. What do I need to do to get there

2.1. Space for students, teachers and parents to communicate

2.1.1. Feature ideas Calendar with file uploads Private messaging - to send a message directly to teacher/parent/student Email integration (for a website)- get an email whenever there's an update on the website Goal tracking and prioritizing About me/things you should know profile pages

2.2. ADHD friendly layout (minimalistic but aesthetically pleasing

2.2.1. Targeting the six aspects of Executive Function

2.2.2. Cognitive behavioral therapy

2.3. Information about ADHD

2.3.1. Legal information

2.3.2. Neurological information

2.3.3. Similar conditions

2.4. Additional resources and alternative options for teachers, parents and students

3. Big goals

3.1. Communication

3.1.1. Better relationships between parents, teachers, and students

3.2. Academic Achievement

3.2.1. Better grades for students with ADHD

3.3. Awareness

3.3.1. Increased awareness of what ADHD is and how to manage it

4. Input