World War II

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World War II by Mind Map: World War II

1. WWI

1.1. 1914-1918

1.1.1. Central Powers Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey Assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand

1.1.2. Allied Powers France, Japan, Britain, Russia, Italy, and U.S

1.2. End

1.2.1. The central powers were defeated 17 million dead League of Nations was created

1.2.2. Russian were defeated as well


2.1. 1939-1945

2.1.1. Axis Powers Germany, Italy, Japan For Fascism

2.1.2. Allied Powers France, Britain, Soviet Union, U.S Against Nazism and Fascism

2.2. End

2.2.1. Allied Powers won 60 million dead U.S and Soviet Union were known as world superpowers