Your Million Dollar Webinar

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Your Million Dollar Webinar by Mind Map: Your Million Dollar Webinar

1. Presenting

1.1. Intangible Presenting Skills

1.1.1. Put Them In A GREAT State (Excited, Enthusiastic, Positive Expectancy) Sales Is A Transference Of Feelings

1.1.2. Infectious Energy, Excitement & Passion Stand Up

1.1.3. Physiology Do's & Don't Posture Up Hand Movements Emotions Created Through Motion

1.1.4. Absolute Certainty Follow EXACTLY As I Show You, And You'll Achieve Some Amazing Results Sales Is A Transference Of Feelings

1.1.5. Be Yourself ...With A Lot More Excitement! Relaxed Entertaining Exciting Confident Certain

1.1.6. Correct Frame Of Mind Dis Attached To Whether They Consume It Or Not (It's Up To Them) Relaxed Inner Certaintity It Will Impact Them You DON'T Need Them (You Call The Shots)

1.1.7. Correct Tonality Slow Down To Emphasise Go Up At The End Of Questions Varied Tonality (Not Monotone)

1.1.8. Language Patterns Ask Questions To Future Pace ("Can You Imagine How Amazing It Will Be When...?") Ask "YES" Questions ("Give Me A Yes In The Chatbox If This Makes Sense...") Open Loops ("We'll Come Back To That In Just A Second...") Trial Closes - At Least Every 30 Seconds ("Does This Make Sense? Can You See How Powerful This Is?")

1.1.9. Break Their Habitual Patterns Inspire & Encourage Transfer Your Positive Feelings To Them (Sales Is A Transference Of Feelings...)

1.1.10. Be In Absolute "FLOW" State Perfectly Orchestrated: Know Exactly What To Do & Say When... Gamma Mindset + Incantations Not Thinking About What You're Doing

1.2. Tangible Presenting Skills

1.2.1. CAN'T Be Boring! Fast Paced, Exciting & Entertaining Like An Infomercial (More Energetic And Excited Than Usual)

1.2.2. Correct Timing's Introduction = 10-20 Minutes Main Content = 40-60 Minutes (Total Running Time) Pitch (Revealing The Price) = 70-80 Minutes (Total Running Time) Pitch (Securing The Price) = 70-90 Minutes (Total Running Time) Q&A = 90-120 Minutes (Total Running Time)

1.2.3. Very Specific We've Tried Everything. If You Want To Achieve Success - You HAVE To Do This... (Don't Be Wishy-Washy!)

1.2.4. Practise & Prepare Confidence Comes From Competence

1.2.5. Step Away With A Crystal Clear Plan Of Action (Plus Positive Expectancy) Positive Expectancy = Breaking Things Down To The SIMPLEST Form Know WHAT To Do & Will Buy The "How To" & Shortcuts From You... Can See Theirselves As Already Achieving It. Absolute Certainty They Will Reach Their Goals With It...

1.2.6. Make It Something You're 100% Proud Of Practise, Practise, Practise The Version You 100% Connected With Everything Lined Up Perfectly

2. Content

2.1. Fast Paced / Visual / Entertaining

2.1.1. Tons Of Examples Showing WHAT You Did

2.1.2. Make Each Slide Visual & Lots Going On

2.2. Bring On Journey + Show What You Did

2.2.1. Case-Study(s) - Edu-Taining

2.2.2. Show WHAT You Did + Drop Golden Bombs

2.2.3. Sell The "How To" + Shortcuts (Tangibles)

2.2.4. Walk Away With A Plan Of Action (Not Sure How To Implement)

2.3. Cool Idea's + Stratagies (But Not A Complete System)

2.4. MASSIVE Positive Expectancy

2.4.1. By Showing Them What You Did / They Need To Do (In The SIMPLEST Form)

2.5. Have Little Parts Where You Let Them Into Your Life

2.5.1. Tell Short Stories (I Was _____ When I Heard _____ Tell Me _____, etc)

2.5.2. Show Vulnerabilities

2.5.3. Show Achievements (Cool Things You've Done After Achieving _____)

2.6. Pre-Frame Your Program

2.6.1. Open Loops

2.6.2. Demonstrate + Showcase It

2.6.3. Testimonails

2.7. Know & Overcome Objections Before They Come Up

2.7.1. Write Out All Objections & Negative Beliefs Towards Your Strategy/Program

2.7.2. Strategically Structure Your Content To Overcome These Before They Come Up

2.8. DEMONSTRATE Your Product Works By Showcasing It Right Before There Eye's

2.9. Ask Whether You Can Pitch Your Offer To Them

2.10. Make It A Transformational Experience

2.10.1. Walk Out The Other Side With Greater Insights, Breakthroughs, Epiphanies, New Knowledge + New Possibilites etc.

2.10.2. An EXPERIENCE - Edu-cating

2.11. Have Your Results (+ Others) Talk About You

2.11.1. Establish Celebrity Authority Positioning

2.12. Make It An Exclusive Experience

2.12.1. Rarely Do This

2.12.2. Last Time We Did This, This Happened...

2.12.3. You're At The Right Place At The Right Time...