Major Events of WWII

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Major Events of WWII by Mind Map: Major Events of WWII

1. September 1939- Germany invades Poland

1.1. France and Britain declared war on Germany

2. June 1942- Battle of Midway

2.1. Battle was fought on land, in the air, and at sea

3. June 1941- Stalingrad

3.1. War between (Stalin) Russia and (Hitler) Germany

3.2. Brutally cold weather

4. June 1944- D-Day

4.1. Eisenhower led troops into Normandy, France and then into Germany where Russia was fighting

4.2. Almost a year (little shorter) later Germany surrendered

5. August 1945- Hiroshima and Nagasaki

5.1. U.S. dropped atomic bombs onto Hiroshima

5.1.1. killed 78,000 ppl and 100,000 casualties

5.2. Second attack was made at Nagasaki

5.2.1. killed 40,000 ppl

6. 1930s- Nazis Anti-Jewish propaganda

6.1. Start of anti-jews and legislation

7. 1933-The Holocaust

7.1. approximately 6 million Jewish deaths

7.2. Hitler led over millions of Jewish deaths, made internment camps, and destroyed many Jewish lives

8. 1941- Pearl Harbor

8.1. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor as a distraction while they invaded Southeast Asia

9. September 1945- Japan surrenders

9.1. End of war

10. May 1945- Germany surrenders

10.1. first to western allies and then to the Soviets