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Solar by Mind Map: Solar

1. Where?

1.1. Sunny climates

1.1.1. Southern States

1.2. Top of buildings

1.2.1. Residential Houses

1.2.2. Businesses

1.3. Green Houses

1.3.1. Heats buildings

1.4. Power Plants

1.4.1. Solar Pane Fields

1.5. Space

1.5.1. Satellites with Solar Cells

1.6. Anywhere with sun

1.6.1. Problem with harnessing it

1.6.2. Easier to find it

2. What is it?

2.1. Photovoltaics

2.1.1. Sunlight into electrical energy

2.1.2. Solar Cells Crystalline Silicon Cells

2.1.3. Least expensive form of electricity Lights & Household Appliances Water Pumps Satellites Calculators & Wristwatches Road & Traffic Signs

2.2. Concentrating Solar Power

2.2.1. Dish/Engine System 3 to 25 kilowatts

2.2.2. Power Tower System

2.2.3. Thermal Storage System Single-Tank Thermocline System Two-Tank Indirect System Two-Tank System

2.2.4. Linear Concentrator System

3. Who?

3.1. Funds

3.1.1. Dept. of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Program Benefits R & D Solar America Communities Effort Increase use & integration of solar energy in communities Role of local government Approach to overcome barriers to urban solar implementation

4. When?

4.1. Anytime sun is available

4.1.1. Daylight hours

4.2. When no sun is available

4.2.1. Using stored energy already captured

4.3. Now

4.3.1. Already using it

4.3.2. We need the energy now

5. How?

5.1. Solar Water Heating

5.1.1. Heats piping

5.1.2. Water runs through piping

5.2. Solar Cells

5.2.1. Captures sunlight Converts to electrical energy Converts to thermal energy

5.3. Solar Furnaces

5.3.1. Dish shaped Used to create thermal energy

5.4. Paraffin wax and Glauber's salt

5.4.1. Storage materials for thermal energy

6. Why?

6.1. Abundant Supply

6.1.1. We only use a fraction of what's available

6.1.2. It can never be used up

6.2. Clean energy

6.2.1. Not rely on fossil fuels

6.2.2. Results in cleaner air

6.2.3. Reduces pollution

6.3. Already have the technology

6.3.1. It's been in use for decades

6.3.2. New technology can be created

6.4. We'll run out of other energy supplies

6.4.1. Need something to take place of what we're using now

6.4.2. The world has to go on