Excelsoir scholarship

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Excelsoir scholarship by Mind Map: Excelsoir scholarship

1. eligibility

1.1. nearly 80% or $940,000 college aged peope

1.2. TAP is also set up for students with disabilities.

2. what is covered

2.1. covers tuition for eligible SUNY and CUNY students.

2.2. The program does not cover the other costs of college

3. requirments

3.1. In 2017 its would only apply to families who earn $100,000 or less

3.2. Students must be in college full-time and average 30 credits per year

3.3. students are required to maintain a grade point average

3.4. students are required to reside in New York State

4. Overview

4.1. governor Andrew Cuomo announced the excelsior scholarship which will provide free college for those that live in new york for SUNY and CUNY

5. you can lose your scholarship

5.1. Students must be enrolled in college full-time and average 30 credits per year including Summer and January semesters

6. current SUNY students are available to it next year.

7. i think the excelsoir scholarship is great for kids who are struggling to afford college.

8. The scholarshp is really helpful to people who live in new york state.

8.1. I think this is great because i believe that college education should be free anyways