Ransomware Big Blog Post

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Ransomware Big Blog Post by Mind Map: Ransomware Big Blog Post

1. Rise of ransomware:

1.1. Ransomware statistics and biggest attacks

1.1.1. Инфа от Алены Some ransomwares: Cerber, Locky, Popcorn Time, Koolova, Petya, KillDick, Nemesis - how it works, how much is a ransom, how many computers affected

1.1.2. Ponemon Report http://www.ponemon.org/local/upload/file/Ransomware%20Report%20Final%201.pdf

2. 1. What is ransomware with examples

2.1. Encryption ransomware, Non-encryption ransomware Lockscreen ransomware example of the most popular ransomware (cryptolocker, etc.)

3. Ransomware Deletion Methods and Tools

3.1. Из нашего Ransomware e-Book https://www.netwrix.com/defending_against_crypto-ransomware.html

3.2. Из Sophos Ransomware White Paper

4. Key keywords

4.1. ransomware removal

4.2. anti ransomware


4.4. ransomware protection

4.5. how to remove ransomware

4.6. cerber ransomware

4.7. how to prevent ransomware

4.8. ransomware definition

4.9. ransomware examples

4.10. spora ransomware

4.11. petya ransomware