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sentences/clause&phrase by Mind Map: sentences/clause&phrase

1. sentences

1.1. structure

1.1.1. subject noun or pronoun

1.1.2. predicate verb+object verb+subject complement is am are be become turn + complement appear/look seem sound smell taste feel

1.1.3. modifiers R3PCI Relative pronoun Preposition Participle Punctuation Subordinating Conjunction Infinitive

1.2. kind

1.2.1. simple

1.2.2. compound

1.2.3. complex

2. clause

2.1. adjective clause

2.1.1. join by relative pronoun

2.1.2. describe a noun

2.2. noun clause

2.2.1. like nouns

2.2.2. can be S,O

2.2.3. relative pronoun+S+V

2.3. adverb clause

2.3.1. same as adverd

2.3.2. join by subordinating conjuction

2.3.3. could be in the begining or the end of main clause

3. phrase

3.1. a group of word no S+V