Web site Evaluation

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Web site Evaluation by Mind Map: Web site Evaluation

1. Look at the page

1.1. Check for Who wrote it, when it was last updated, author, and credentials

2. Bibliography

2.1. Write it down for later reference

3. look for

3.1. Authority

3.2. Accuracy

3.3. Objectivity

3.4. currency

3.5. Coverage

4. Coverage

4.1. Look for How deep the information goes

5. Look at the URL

5.1. It will allow you to easily see if it is a personal site or a Proffesional site. Personals usually start with .com, While official site are .gov, .edu, .org

6. Quality

6.1. Look for footnotes and citations. are there Links to other pages? How good are the links?

7. Tips

7.1. Write down the URL

7.2. Avoid Busy work

7.3. Don't assume

7.4. Get a Hard Copy

8. type of site

8.1. the right site will give you best information