Mind Map on 20th century philosophy

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Mind Map on 20th century philosophy by Mind Map: Mind Map on 20th century philosophy

1. Liberalism

1.1. Secularism

1.1.1. Anticlericalism Anti-Catholicism in France Anti-Catholicism in Spain

1.1.2. Separation of Church and State Nuevo nodo

1.2. Economic Liberalism

1.2.1. Free Market Austrian School Economic liberalization

1.2.2. Rational choice theory Public choice theory

1.3. Revolutions of 1848

1.3.1. Hungarian revolution of 1848

1.3.2. Revolution of 1848 in the Italian States Roman Republic (19th century) Republic of San Marco

2. Postmodernism

2.1. Postmodern Literature

2.1.1. Minimalist writers Ahmed Alaidy, Tobias Wolff, Mary Robison

2.1.2. Postmodern plays Caryl Churchill, Sarah Kane, Heiner Müller

2.2. Postmodern Religion

2.2.1. Postmodern Christianity

2.2.2. Emerging Church

2.3. Hyperreality

2.3.1. Publications about hyperreality

2.3.2. Hyperreality theorists Baudrillard, Jorge Luis Borges, A. Borgmann, Umberto Eco

3. Humanism

3.1. Humanist associations

3.1.1. Humanist associations by country

3.2. Renaissance humanism

3.2.1. Books by Desiderius Erasmus

3.2.2. Renaissance humanists Austrian Renaissance humanists French Renaissance humanists

3.2.3. Renaissance Latin literature

3.3. Posthumanists

3.3.1. Ihab Hassan

3.3.2. Donna Haraway

3.3.3. Sharon Bell