Epic Records

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Epic Records by Mind Map: Epic Records

1. Artist Development

1.1. helps artist develop their personal sound

1.2. help put together artist's travel arrangements

1.3. Oversees touring and promotional appearance

1.4. Works with department heads to coordinate tour and promotional activity.

1.5. Creates and executes artist expense reports.

2. A&R

2.1. Recruit talent

2.2. Help pick music for artist album

2.3. Work with legal

2.4. Works with liason

2.5. Maintains the budget for the artist.

3. Promotions/New media

3.1. Getting radio airplay including not just FM radio but online radio streaming such as Pandora and Spotify too!

3.2. Soliciting the artist's music videos to different tv stations and places that can play them.

3.3. Synchronization licensing to get music on multiple platforms.

3.4. Helps the artist build a presence on the internet and developing media platforms.

4. Marketing

4.1. Manage artist social media/website

4.2. Prepare album distribution

4.3. branding for artist/company

4.4. create EPK for artist (Electronic press Kit)

4.5. Create target audience for artists

5. Sales

5.1. Oversees all of the retail activities of the label.

5.2. Concentrates on building key relationships with the ket record store chains and other mass-market retailers.

5.3. This department also works closely with the promotion and publicity departments.

5.4. Takes the finished music and ensure that it is available to buy.