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What are soundscapes? by Mind Map: What are soundscapes?

1. Environmental music

2. film music

3. background music

4. Is there a link between your environment and culture ?

5. What is the difference between sounds and music ?

6. •Why do you think musicians use environmental sounds in music?

7. Enter the weird and whacky world of soundscape. Prepare your ears and open your mind.

7.1. Pierre Schaffer

7.1.1. Pierre Schaffer was one of the first musicians to record and manipulate sounds into soundscapes. This piece focuses on the musicality one can find in the sounds of an everyday urban environment. What rhythmic or musical gestures can you hear?

7.2. Jean-Claude Risset

7.2.1. This piece is an example of electro-acoustic soundscape. By taking acoustic recordings and manipulating them in a audio-workshop, Risset is able to create an entirely new sound world that is weird and interesting to listen to. What do you feel like when you listen to this piece ?

7.3. Annea Lockwood

7.3.1. This is a sound study of water being swirled around in a metal container. By hitting the container with a rubber mallet, Annea Lockwood is able to create the wide range of sounds you can hear in this recording. sound studies like this are often used in movies containing 'underwater scenes'.

7.4. Trimpin

7.4.1. While traditional soundscapes often record and manipulate sounds heard in everyday environments, this work by Trimpin installs 'musical sounds' into everyday environments. "Above Below and Between: part 1" is a recording of a piano which plays its self with odd levers and mallets. It is installed in gallery, and as it plays itself, it becomes a part of the soundscape. Another video

7.5. Nicholas Britell

7.5.1. The environment and sounds can also become inspiration for musical work. Can you think of any environmental sounds that may have influenced this piece?

8. music with real sounds

9. boring

10. How can sounds be defined as music ?

11. What sounds have meaning to you in your environment ?

12. soundscapes can be used in other music as well!. check out these examples.

12.1. High Places

12.1.1. In this piece, Rob Barber and Mary Pearson have changed or manipulated recordings of objects in their home to create musical instruments. By looping these recordings they are able to create a mixture of traditional instruments (shakers, vocals) and the sounds they have created. Can you see any similarities between this piece and the work of Jean-Claude Risset?

12.2. Pink Floyd

12.2.1. In this piece, Pink Floyd has used the rhythmic sounds of a cash register to highlight the theme of the song (money) and inform the underlying rhythm. Can you see andy similarities between their use of sounds and Pierre Schaffer's soundscapes?

12.3. Glass Animals

12.3.1. This song is from the album 'Zaba' which has used 'the jungle' as a characterising theme. Why do you think they have used environmental recordings at the start of this piece?

12.4. Thundermentals

12.4.1. What everyday sounds can you hear in this piece of music. Do these sounds have and link to particular people, jobs, or ways of life? Consider what the song is about and why they have used these sounds.