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Athenians by Mind Map: Athenians

1. Theseus- Duke of Athens -impatient, happy, calm -He is going to marry Hippolyta. He goes into the forest one day, and he finds the young Athenians. He is the reason they get home safely.

2. Helena: She is very easygoing and can also be very feisty at times when fighting for the love of Demetrius. Her significance to the plot is that she really wants to win the heart of Demetrius and finally when he liked her she thought they were playing tricks on her.

3. Lysander: He is very strong willed and isn't willing to give up a fight. He is in love with Hermia, but Demetrius is in love with Hermia and is going to marry her. He plans to run away with Hermia to get married, but things go the wrong way with a little bit of magic involved. He is put under a love spell and falls in love with Helena. At the end they end up married so everything works out.

4. Married

5. Friends

6. Relationships

7. Demetrius: He is very brave and mean at times while fighting for the love of Hermia, but Helena is in love with him as well. He didn't love Helena but now he does. Demetrius's signifigance to the plot is that 1. he is one of the main characters and 2. He caused a lot of problems in the plot like when he and Lysander fought for the love of Hermia.

8. Hippolyta- Queen of the Amazons, going to marry Theseus- patient, easy-going, enjoys many things- She makes Theseus feel good and accomplished. She might be part of the reason Theseus can be kind.

9. Hermia: She is very strong willed and can be feisty for her man. She is in love with Lysander, but her father wants her to marry Demetrius. She plans to run a way with Lysander, and get married. Demetrius and Helena find out and find them in the woods. When Hermia awakes from a bad dream, Lysander isn't there. She discovers that he is in love with Helena, but at the end everything works out.

10. Related

11. In a previous relationship

12. Egues: He is very demanding and kind of mean. He wants his daughter Hermia to marry Demetrius and won't let her marry Lysander who she loves. He is basically the bad guy.