Analytics Tool Selection

Choosing analytics tools can be a complex process because of the vast number of options in the market. Some of the best tools are free, so there is no guarantee that paying more will ensure you are getting the best. Selecting across these options can be one of the hardest vendor selections you make for your business.

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Analytics Tool Selection by Mind Map: Analytics Tool Selection

1. Storage

1.1. Questions

1.1.1. What questions do you need to answer?

1.1.2. How much data will you store?

1.1.3. How fast do you need answers?

1.2. Great tools will be

1.2.1. High capacity

1.2.2. Data format agnostic

1.2.3. SQL Compliant

1.3. Beware of

1.3.1. Proprietary interfaces

1.3.2. Security holes

1.3.3. Disasters

2. Collection

2.1. Questions

2.1.1. Where do you need to collect it from?

2.1.2. Where does it need to go?

2.1.3. How much data will you collect?

2.2. Great tools will be

2.2.1. Easy to setup and maintain

2.2.2. Aggressive data collectors

2.2.3. Privacy compliant

2.3. Beware of

2.3.1. Large SDKs

2.3.2. Double charges

2.3.3. Taxes on success

3. Visualisation

3.1. Questions

3.1.1. Who will be using it?

3.1.2. Do you need reports or research?

3.2. Great tools will be

3.2.1. Flexible

3.2.2. Beautiful

3.2.3. Social

3.3. Beware of

3.3.1. Data format requirements

3.3.2. Over-pricing

3.3.3. Desktop apps

4. Analysis

4.1. Great tools will be

4.1.1. High Fidelity

4.1.2. Low Effort

4.2. Beware of

4.2.1. Repurposed Tools

4.2.2. Faux Automation