Question 2

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Question 2 by Mind Map: Question 2

1. Guidelines

1.1. Anything goes!

1.2. No criticism or flaming allowed

1.3. The Wilder The Better

1.4. Quantity is Quality

1.5. Set a Time Limit

2. Film

2.1. Colour

2.1.1. The style of film we were making was naturalism. We wanted to create a realistic world where the audience believes everything that is happening so they can truly connect with our character meaning the commit to everything that much more. Therefor we decided to keep our colour grading natural, just using the natural light of the shot. We decided this because we thought that the quality of the shot was nice enough that it didn't need to be changed, it gave the shot a purity. The grading on the shots did not follow through to the poster and the article, we went with a completely different design for them. We still do carry over the actors face into the article, having him in all 3 parts of the article.

2.2. Characters

2.2.1. The main focus in this film is our main character. Our film is driven by the lead character its really all about him and his journey through his self discovery. We used his face for the both the article and front cover but not for the poster. We felt that he should be the leading face throughout this piece as it is his story.

2.3. Typography

2.3.1. The only writing to be used in the film is the opening title which is on screen for a very brief period of time. We chose a font not in relation to our posters and articles but because we thought it looked perfect for the tone we wanted to set with our opening montage. It does follow the theme of black and white much like the poster and front cover so we did try to keep some themes throughout them all.

2.4. Themes

2.4.1. The main theme we are trying to convey in the film is the feeling of isolation, the loneliness the old man feels. In this respect we have captured this theme across all 3 products the film, article and poster. We have used his face throughout and a very dark empty feeling colour scheme, quite joyless and stale. This combined with how bleak we have made it feel through the editing style.

3. Article

3.1. Colour

3.1.1. The colour scheme we chose to use on the article was quite clean, simple colours of black and white. We chose this because we though it gave the piece quite an artist feel and more importantly one of the huge themes in our piece is the game of chess. It means a lot to our character and we thought it would like quite clean and convey the theme of isolation/loneliness. We chose to keep this theme of black and white across all of our media products because its nice to have a running theme across the package to sell it.

3.2. Characters

3.2.1. We kept our article completely focused on our main character. He is on every page and we thought that it was a nice running theme to have across the 3 pages to remind the audience that this film is about him. What we liked about having just him is once again it runs with our theme of isolation, he is the only one on the page and it captures that fact that he is quite alone really well.

3.3. Typography

3.3.1. The typography on the article is a bit more bold than on the poster. I wanted it to standout, make it feel like this is a big event and its been given its own special 2 page spread, big and bold attract attention. With the actual writing of the article I went for a font that had a bit of class to it. Some of the more funkier fonts are kind of what you'd find on documents, I wanted this to look like out had been professionally done to give the film a crisper feel.

3.4. Themes

3.4.1. Like the film our main theme was isolation and I feel we communicated this well through the article. Not just in its design but also the wording of article itself, it gives a feel of disconnection and tells you exactly what the piece is about. You could get a feel for that as well just by looking at design, his face is the only thing we see on every page.

4. Poster

4.1. Colour

4.1.1. For the colour scheme on the poster just like the other two products we have marketed it round the Black and white of a chessboard. This is a prominent item/theme within the film and I think its a very nice point to centralise the theme around. For the poster we reference the title of the film 'Knighfall takes the Queen' by having a single knight chess piece as the main image on the poster. The good thing about this is that most chess pieces are done in Black and white so it makes sense, and foreshadows the events that are to come really nicely because one chess piece always has to fall. Also the typography is done in red which also could be seen as foreshadowing.

4.2. Characters

4.2.1. In the poster our character is referenced through the image of the knight. The game of chess is what brought his memories back to life and it is a good metaphor for, especially combined with the title. We have made sure that our character was shown in some way across all three products. Another way to look at it is that when his memories are brought back he plays a game of chess with what he thinks is his wife, but she ins't there. This chess piece is a good metaphor for her as well.

4.3. Typography

4.3.1. The typography on the front of the poster is different to the Little White Lies article, its smaller and cleaner. It gives the film a more subtle well thought out feel. The writing is also done in red which is a difference to the black and white we have used across all three of the media products. The red adds a sense of anticipation to the film, it asks more questions throwing in new themes like romance or deat? It compliments the black we have used throughout as well.

4.4. Themes

4.4.1. The theme that we used in the poster is the Chess piece, again linking to the chessboard idea we have been using across all of our products.