Module 1: Getting Started

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Module 1: Getting Started by Mind Map: Module 1: Getting Started

1. Introduction

1.1. Ken and Anita Corsini

1.1.1. 12 Years Experience / 700 houses

1.1.2. DealFarm Podcast

1.1.3. HGTV's Flip or Flop Atlanta

1.1.4. Businesses

1.2. Big Picture

1.2.1. Find Deals

1.2.2. Contracts

1.2.3. Sell

1.3. Strategy

1.3.1. Wholesaling

1.3.2. Fix and flip

1.3.3. Rentals

1.4. Finding Deals

1.4.1. On Market

1.4.2. Off Market

1.5. Goals

1.5.1. Clearly Defined

1.5.2. Be Realistic

1.5.3. You get our what you put in

1.6. Make a Plan

1.6.1. Marketing (this is a marketing business)

1.6.2. Sellers, Buyers, Renters, Etc.

1.6.3. Choose the ones that are right for you

2. Where To Operate?

2.1. Market

2.1.1. Choose your market carefully

2.1.2. Know your market

2.1.3. Strategy and market go hand in hand What sellers are you targeting? What kind of houses do you want? Are you flipping or renting? What do your buyers want?

2.1.4. Choose hot spots within the market Know your submarkets Marketing will depend on submarket

2.2. Tools

2.2.1. Local MLS work with a local agent get access to local MLS

2.2.2. Trulia Heat Maps Popularity

2.2.3. Networking Real Estate Agents Local REIAS Attorneys, Lenders

3. Marketing Plan

3.1. How much do you want to make?

3.1.1. Realistic Goals

3.1.2. Understand Time Commitment

3.1.3. Know your metrics How many leads can you produce How many leads = contract (ex. 30-50 leads) Average profit per deal

3.2. Marketing Dollars?

3.2.1. How much can you budget for marketing?

3.2.2. How much time can you spend marketing?

3.2.3. either $$ or time ... to generate leads

3.3. Team or Individual

3.3.1. Are you doing all of the prospecting yourself?

3.3.2. Outsource? Local hourly labor VA's Fiverr Upwork Freelancer

3.4. Many Marketing Options

3.4.1. Understand all of the strategies Some labor intensive Some require $$

3.4.2. Choose ONLY a few don't get overwhelmed implement one at a time

3.4.3. It's okay to change course trial and error some work better than others

3.5. Make a plan

3.5.1. Decide up front what you will work on

3.5.2. Have daily goals

3.5.3. Continue measuring against your plan and projections

3.5.4. Make yourself accountable