The Right To Bear Arms

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The Right To Bear Arms by Mind Map: The Right To Bear Arms

1. History of the law

1.1. Founding father : Second Amendment to colonization

1.1.1. Oppression suffered by American people during the civil war

1.1.2. Considered it better to have an army that could defend itself


2. Aspects for weapons carrying

2.1. Conditions to bear arms

2.1.1. -Adopt rules that make it harder for criminals and the mentally ill to obtain firearms.

2.1.2. -Outlaw the public display of weapons.

2.1.3. -Abandon efforts to outlaw “assault weapons”


2.2. The population can protect themselves against an attack


3. Aspects against weapons

3.1. NRA

3.1.1. The NRA wants to authorize the carrying of weapons to the criminals and the mentally ill

3.1.2. According to the NRA ''each crazed or armed criminal is a responsible and law-abiding man with a weapon until his first bullet splashes the walls with the brain and blood of the innocent.''

3.2. Caused several attacks and crimes in the US




4. Glogster

5. Quizlet

6. Cartoon

7. The National Rifle Association (NRA)

7.1. It is an American association whose purpose is to promote firearms in the United States by an unrestricted interprétation of the second amendment.

7.1.1. The NRA defends the free trade of firearms, training for survival, shooting

7.2. One of the favorite slogans of the NRA is: "How to stop a dirty guy armed with a gun? With a good guy armed with a gun ".

7.2.1. For them, if any individual was armed, there would be no killings.