Wong Kar Wai

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Wong Kar Wai by Mind Map: Wong Kar Wai

1. distinctive visual style

1.1. as elusive as seductive

1.2. impressionistic

1.3. color-movement-music poems

1.4. ambitious treatises on time, space, and memory

1.5. intensely local

1.5.1. Hongkong

1.6. global

1.6.1. transnational audience

2. influence

2.1. Balzac

2.2. Japanese literature

2.3. South American/American

2.4. Raymond Carver

3. writing habits

3.1. start with short story ideas

3.2. loosely constructed plot

3.3. film without real scripts

3.3.1. write during production

3.4. simple, straightforward story

3.5. more focus on characters

3.5.1. influenced by Manuel Puig Heartbreak Tango

3.6. action films

3.6.1. suitable for southeast asian markets finance

4. shooting procedure

4.1. no rehearsal with directors

4.2. film rhythm

4.2.1. show DP the CD or music instead of script

5. music

5.1. special importance to Wong's auteuristic style

5.2. narratively coherent unity

5.3. post-modernism

5.3.1. irony in "Happy Together"

5.3.2. self consciousness in "Chungking Express"

5.3.3. allusion in "Ashes of Time"

5.3.4. pastiche in "Fallen Angels"

5.4. music video stylistics

5.4.1. MTV aethetics

5.5. a lot of music driven scenes

5.5.1. interrupting storylines

5.6. target a cognoscenti audience

5.7. both culturally & historically wide ranging

5.8. global jukebox

5.8.1. international music concept American Europe

5.8.2. cross regional Taiwan Pan-Asian territories

5.9. music diegetically motivated

5.9.1. characters create their own environment

5.10. subtly reinforce emotion

5.10.1. grief decelerate imagery to gentle staccato rhythm

5.10.2. lament incorporate a low thunder tremble into the ambient sound mix

5.11. avoid sentimentalism

5.11.1. contrapuntal scoring

5.11.2. distinct from other HongKong filmmaker

5.12. Chungking Express

5.12.1. jazz steady drumbeat sensual saxophone

5.12.2. sonic jump cut scoring tactic advance story in time

5.12.3. "California Dreamin"

5.12.4. network of leitmotifs fragmented narrative with sonic coherence foreground character parallel converges upon a thematic preoccupation with change