How to be a good teacher

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How to be a good teacher by Mind Map: How to be a good teacher

1. To know pupils

1.1. To know their strengths and their weaknesses

1.2. To have interest in them

2. To be oneself

2.1. To be an example

2.2. To be self-confident

3. To be present for his pupils

3.1. To listen to them and try to understand their expetations

4. To be a good educator

4.1. To treat his pupils respectfully and courtesy. handle them as individuals

4.2. To encourage them and help them to improve

4.3. To overcome the failure

5. To define rules in the class

5.1. To keep control of the class. For it,to define basic rules

6. To make the students participate

6.1. To help them to hold to 80 or 90% of the subjects.

6.2. To express their ideas and debate

7. To have the passion

7.1. To pass on this love of the subject to his pupils.