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Steroid Usage by Mind Map: Steroid Usage

1. Negative effects

1.1. Health Problems

1.1.1. physical muscle headache aching tendens increased risk of cancer bone joint pain increased risk of cancer organs damages the liver causes heart disease strokes diarrhea vomiting headache increase risk of cancer insomnia lead to skin diseases appearance outbreak or worsening of acne premature balding/ hair loss vascular blood clot increased risk of cancer

1.1.2. mental mood changes depression anger aggressiveness paranoid delusions auditory hallucinations

1.1.3. taken as a teenager can stunt growth all of the above

2. Female changes (p&n)

2.1. "positive"

2.2. negative

2.2.1. irregular menstral cycles

2.2.2. increase in hair body facial

2.2.3. change in voice deeper more masculine

2.2.4. inlargement of clitoris

3. appeal

3.1. appearance

3.1.1. more muscles

3.1.2. shorter time period to grow muscles

3.2. emotional

3.2.1. more confident

3.2.2. greater probability for success

3.2.3. "happiness"

4. "Positive" effects

4.1. physical

4.1.1. treatment asthma arthritis some types of breast cancer delayed puberty anemia

4.2. mental

4.2.1. brain injuries

5. male changes (p&n)

5.1. "positive"

5.1.1. endurance

5.1.2. leanness

5.1.3. strength

5.1.4. aid in reduction of fat

5.1.5. decrease of fatigue

5.2. negative

5.2.1. infertility

5.2.2. inpotency

5.2.3. lower sperm count

5.2.4. loss of sexual desire

5.2.5. lower production of testosterone

5.2.6. shunken testis

5.2.7. lower production of androgen

5.2.8. increase of estrogen production

5.2.9. develope characteristics of a woman deposition of fat developement of breast developement of soft tissue

5.2.10. inlarged prostrate