The Evolution of Golf Clubs

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The Evolution of Golf Clubs by Mind Map: The Evolution of Golf Clubs

1. Grips

1.1. Built to last longer

1.2. Made for more comfort

1.3. Larger variety of types

2. Shafts

2.1. Use of steele or graphite

2.1.1. Help make the ball go further

2.2. More variety of shafts

2.2.1. Ex. flex, steele shaft, extra steele shaft

2.3. Longer in length

3. Grooves

3.1. Clubs now have grooves

3.2. Differnt kinds of grooves

3.2.1. Ex. U grooves, V grooves, ect

3.3. Larger amount of grooves on club face

4. Club head

4.1. Once wood now iron

4.2. Lighter

4.3. Larger sweet spot

5. Hosel

5.1. Very light use to be heavy

5.2. Use to be metal now made of strong plastic