Rapture: Facts vs. Conceptions

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Rapture: Facts vs. Conceptions by Mind Map: Rapture: Facts vs. Conceptions

1. 2nd: Similarities in Conceptions

1.1. Pie chart of data

1.2. battle of armegedon

1.3. Tribulation Period

2. Understanding the Bible

3. 1st: What is the Tribulation period?

3.1. What it is the the Bible

3.2. Different views of the Tribulation Period

4. 3rd: Differences in Conceptions

4.1. Pie chart of data

4.2. Battle of Armegedon

4.3. Tribulation Period

5. 4th:Actual written account of the Rapture in the Bible

5.1. Who wrote the book

5.2. Time Frame book was written

5.3. World events during time written