Effective Math Program

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Effective Math Program by Mind Map: Effective Math Program

1. Communication

1.1. Encourage math talk between students

1.2. Emphasise the need for reflection and openess to new ideas

1.3. Establish math literacy in class

1.4. Open and constructive

1.5. Student and parent participation

2. Educators

2.1. Familiar with curriculum

2.2. Create engaging tasks and questions

2.3. Give students guidance and support

2.4. Challenge students to see new perspectives and try new ideas

2.5. Open to discussion about the 'correct' answer

3. Instruction

3.1. Focus on student driven learning

3.2. Encourage students to engage their peers

3.3. Provide investigative tasks

3.4. Multiple points of entry for new concepts and problems

3.5. Cross curricular instruction

3.6. Inquiry and problem solving

3.7. Differentiate

4. Assessment

4.1. Relevant to programming

4.2. Accessible to all students

4.3. Multiple forms over the course of the year (performance task, checklist, interview, observation, etc)

4.4. Produce evidence of learning

5. Environment

5.1. Math rich classroom

5.2. Utilize math in realistic ways to solve other classroom issues

5.3. Provide bought and found manipulative for concrete learning

5.4. Access to visual aids

5.5. Positive attitude and welcoming space

6. Students

6.1. Work individually, in pairs or groups

6.2. Learn to collaborate and criticise each others learning

6.3. Develop math literacy every day

6.4. Come to school ready to face new challenges and persevere

7. Curriculum

7.1. Accessible to all students

7.2. Teacher is knowledgeable regarding curriculum

7.3. Develop goals and work to meet them

7.4. Develop expectations