How to write a short paragraph?

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How to write a short paragraph? by Mind Map: How to write a short paragraph?

1. الاستبانة

2. قناة اليوتيوب

3. المـدونة

4. Deciding the main topic of the paragraph

4.1. What are the main ideas?

4.2. Who am I writing for?

5. Writing down information and ideas relating to that topic

5.1. Start organizing your thoughts.

5.2. Look up some facts and figures.

6. Writing Your Paragraph

6.1. Write a topic sentence.

6.1.1. It should not be too broad or too narrow.

6.1.2. Don't: use an obvious fact as your topic sentence

6.2. Fill in the supporting details.

6.2.1. Link each sentence with transition words.

6.2.2. Three to five sentences will usually be enough to cover your main points.

6.3. Write a concluding sentence.

7. Reviewing Your Paragraph

7.1. Check your paragraph for spelling and grammar.

7.2. Check your paragraph for coherency and style

7.3. Decide if your paragraph is complete.