Gradebook 2.x issues braindump

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Gradebook 2.x issues braindump by Mind Map: Gradebook 2.x issues braindump

1. Hidden grades

1.1. students and teacher see different aggregated values

2. Grades over 100% and negative grades

3. Rubrics and grading tools

4. Outcomes outside of course level

5. Meta information about the source of the value

5.1. what module, when, etc

6. Get rid of raw grades modificators

6.1. multiplier and offset was just a temporary hack for 1.9

7. Export, import via web services

8. Grader report

8.1. too many inpout fields in edit mode

8.2. needs AJAX ala AMOS

9. Grade history

9.1. including information for suspended and were-enroled students

10. Lock-after and hidden-until refactor

10.1. event based system would be better

11. Integration with mod_edit

12. Overall performance

12.1. especially with conditional activities and course completion

13. Additional aggregation functions

14. A very first rating in the course leads to 100%

14.1. currently handled by hidden-until

14.2. unable to do conditional activities correctly