Adolescent Learning and Development

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Adolescent Learning and Development by Mind Map: Adolescent Learning and Development

1. Bloom's Taxonomy:

1.1. Create

1.1.1. Evaluate Analyze Apply

2. Puberty, Health, and biological Foundations:

2.1. Puberty

2.1.1. Health Enviornment Heredity

3. Sexuality:

3.1. exploring adolescent sexuality

3.1.1. sexual attitude problematic sexual outcomes in adolescence

4. Peers, Romantic Relationships, and Lifestyles:

4.1. exploring relationships and friendships

4.1.1. adolescence groups gender and culture

5. Families:

5.1. adolescents relationships

5.1.1. sibling relationship changing in family changing society

6. Gender:

6.1. Biological, Social, Cognitive influences on gender

6.1.1. gender sterotypes gender role classification developmental changes

7. Cognitive Development:

7.1. the brain

7.1.1. cognitive developmental view information processing view social cognition

8. The Self Identity, Emotion, and Personality:

8.1. the self

8.1.1. identity emotional development personality development

9. Moral Development, Values:

9.1. moral development and what it means

9.1.1. domains of moral development contexts of moral development devlopement of values, religion, and spirituality

10. Achievement, Work, and Careers:

10.1. work and career development

11. Schools:

11.1. approaches and strategies for educating students

11.1.1. transitions in schooling the social contexts of school exceptional adolescents

12. Practicum at Joyce Kilmer Middle School:

12.1. learned how to relate to adolescent students

12.1.1. being an authority figure benefits of one on one tutoring Parc or state exam preparation