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The History Of Rock N' Roll by Mind Map: The History Of Rock N' Roll
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The History Of Rock N' Roll

Purpose of controlling statement: In this paper, I am going to help people understand the history of Rock music and the affect it has had on our world. Thesis statement: Rock N' roll has had an interesting history, and a huge influence on the world.

I.What did Rock evolve from?


-Maybe a VERY short history of the blues?

the phrase "rock and roll"

May connect with II.

II.How did Rock affect society and the musical community?

purpose of controlling statement:

Parent's reactions

DEFINATELY talk about Elivs alot here.

the evolution of instruments/ playing styles

-the popularity of the electric guitar -Jimi Hendrix creating different sounds with the guitar that carried out through time

IV.How has Rock music itself evolved since it's creation to now?

Different rock genres

Another reference to the guitar

Might take this out

III.How did the "Sex, Drugs, and Rock N' Roll" phrase develop?

Rockstar's life styles

Lyrics/ themes of many rock songs