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Our body by Mind Map: Our body

1. The function of our skeleton

1.1. To support the body

1.2. To protect some vital organs

1.2.1. The skull to protect the brain

1.2.2. The ribcage protects the heart and lungs

1.2.3. The backbone protects the spinal cord

1.3. To help the body move

1.4. To make blood cells

1.4.1. Red blood cells Red blood cells carry oxygen around the body in blood.

1.4.2. White blood cells White blood cells which destroy harmful microorganisms in your body

2. The functions of muscles

2.1. Muscles work by getting shorter. We say that they contract, and the process is called contraction. Muscles are attached to bones by strong tendons. When a muscle contracts, it pulls on the bone, and the bone can move if it is part of a joint.

3. The structure of our skeleton

4. joints

4.1. join bones together