Demand Generation Marketing

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Demand Generation Marketing by Mind Map: Demand Generation Marketing

1. Building Awareness

1.1. Branding

1.2. Inbound Marketing

1.2.1. SEO

1.2.2. Viral Marketing

1.2.3. Social Media Marketing

1.2.4. Email Marketing

1.2.5. Pay Per Click Marketing

1.3. Outbound Marketing

1.3.1. Inside Sales

1.3.2. Telemarketing

1.3.3. Outsourced Lead Generation

1.3.4. Outsourced Appointment Setting

2. Facilitating Discovery

2.1. SEM

2.1.1. Keyword ad purchases that match prospect's pain

2.2. SEO

2.2.1. Similar to SEM, but residing on the product's site, and jockeying for best position in SERPs

2.3. Webinars

2.3.1. Prospects gain understanding of vendor's product, including who else is using the proposed solution. (Think Use Case and Testimonial).

2.4. Demo and/or Free Trial

2.4.1. Offer a limited time, or limited features version of the solution. The goal is to convert this trial to a sale.

3. Guiding Solution Validation

3.1. Marketing

3.1.1. The combination of the Marketing activities mentioned in phase 2, plus...

3.1.2. Trials

3.1.3. Demonstrations/Webinars

3.1.4. White Papers

3.2. Reference Management

3.2.1. Use Case

3.2.2. Testimonial/Quotes

3.2.3. Openness from customer to provide/act as a reference point for future sales

3.3. Sales Involvement

3.3.1. Sales agents negotiate buying process contract negotiation Legal Terms and Conditions Signoff

4. Sales Involvement

4.1. Lead Scoring

4.1.1. Are they qualified to by a buyer? Title Industry Revenue Purchasing Power

4.1.2. Are they interested as a buyer? Online Activity Marketing Response

4.2. Lead Ranking

4.2.1. Explicit 1 2 3

4.2.2. Implicit A B C

4.2.3. Follow Up Process 1A Contact within 24 Hours 1B Contact within 72 Hours 1C, 2A, 2B To be contacted, usually by an inside sales agent. 2C, 3 Not contacted

4.3. Lead Routing

4.3.1. Which qualified leads are distributed to which Sales representative

4.3.2. Based on Geographic Territory Industry Company Size