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Hitler by Mind Map: Hitler

1. Despised the Weimar Republic and made the Germans to look back to the `glorious days´ of the Kaiser

2. When war broke, he joined the army, winning the Iron Cross. He found hard to accept the armistice and the treaty of Versailles

3. After the war, Hitler strayed in the army, working in spying extremist groups. Then he came across the German workers Party

4. He and other Nazi leaders were arrested. But in fact, as Hitler could impress the judges, he was only given 5 years of prison

5. By 1923 Hitler believed that the moment had come for him to topple the Weimar Goverment. The Munich Putsch took place

6. Hitler was born in Austria (1889)

7. He lefted school at 16 and went to Vienna to be a painter. He wasn´t succesful

8. During this period he developed his hatred for foreigners and jews. (1914)