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Jump Start: Job Search by Mind Map: Jump Start: Job Search

1. Networking

1.1. For Students

1.1.1. Participate in any mentoring programs offered by your school.

1.1.2. Attend school events with attorneys

1.1.3. Connect with your professors

1.2. For Attorneys and Students

1.2.1. Find opportunities to meet other attorneys and professionals in your area of interest. Attorney networking. Look for social events such as happy hours, CLEs offered over breakfast and lunch, annual meetings, or golf outings. Get involved in sections or subgroups, if any. Minnesota State Bar Association Minority bar associations Specialty bar associations District bar associations Inns of Court Other business networking Identify organizations and professionals who work in your field of interest.

1.3. One-on-One

1.3.1. Follow-up when you meet someone at a networking event. If they work in an area of interest, ask if they could meet with you over coffee or lunch. Students may want to ask for an informational interview.

1.3.2. Ask mentors (professors, colleagues) if they know anyone who works in your area of interest, then contact them and ask for an informational interview.

1.4. Purpose?

1.4.1. Your goal in networking should not only be to find a job, but to make connections in the legal community, learn about other people and their practices, and build your reputation. This is a long-term skill.

2. Find a Job

2.1. Bench & Bar Classifieds

2.1.1. Follow with RSS or on Twitter for new job postings as soon as they are listed.

2.2. Minnesota Lawyer Classifieds

2.3. Listings through your school

2.4. Government Sites

2.5. Legal temp agencies

2.6. Bigger companies may list on their own company website (e.g. Thompson Reuters, Target)

2.7. Where to look for teaching jobs

2.7.1. Paralegal programs

2.7.2. Business programs at local community colleges or universities

2.7.3. Law schools

2.7.4. Community education

2.8. Nonprofit Job Board at Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

3. Get Experience, Build Your Resume

3.1. For Students

3.1.1. Minnesota Justice Foundation

3.1.2. Practical Clinics and Externships through your school

3.1.3. Student Organizations

3.2. For Attorneys

3.2.1. Volunteer projusticemn.org Legal Corps Volunteer Lawyers Network Wills for Heroes

3.2.2. Write for publication Bench & Bar of Minnesota Newsletters for organizations in your area of interest

4. Polish your Resume, Writing Sample, and Interview Skills