2017.05.16 Business Mtg

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2017.05.16 Business Mtg by Mind Map: 2017.05.16 Business Mtg

1. Political Action Report

1.1. Update from Tallahassee John Hallman with us on Tuesday June 06 - same time, same location. Open to the public - invite everyone you know. Suggested donation $5

1.2. FL Constitution Revision Committion Public Hearing will be held TOMORROW 5/17 Weds 5-8 doors open at 4pm Hillsborough Community College: Dale Mabry Campus, DSTU Auditorium, Room 111 (Student Services Building), Tampa http://revisefl.com

1.3. MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO on Saturday, May 20th where we will have an outreach booth and be collecting signatures on petitions as well as peacefully MARCHING with drums and signs.

1.4. Collecting Signatures on Ballots email to friends and family Collect in public places go door to door all help is needed • ballot initiatives to legalize marijuana like alcohol. There are 2 one simple language and one legally defined. • a ballot initiative to restore ex-felons voting rights after time served / term limits

1.5. Join our Political Action - we are the sign wavers, the protesters, the ones on the mics and interviewing others. We share what we learn with the group via FB, and the new LPHC online discussion.

2. Opening

2.1. 6:30-7:00 Check-in and Social

2.2. 7:00 Call Meeting to Order - Chairperson

2.3. Establish Quorum - Secretary (4 or more voting members present)

2.4. approve the agenda (voters)

3. Announcements

3.1. Weds May 17, 5-8 CRC public hearing

3.2. Sat. May 20th 10-2 March Against Monsanto and outreach booth

3.3. Tuesday May 23rd 6:30-9 here John Michael Chambers Resurrection of America

3.4. Sat. Jun 03 11 am - 5 pm EC and Committee Leaders Training and Workshop

3.5. Tue Jun 6 7-9 Liberty First Lobbiest John Hallman with the Liberty Update from Tallahassee.

3.6. Tuesday June 13th - outreach booth Chuck's natural market Brandon 9am - 6 pm (pick a time) Voter Registrars needed

3.7. Tuesday June 13th MOVIE NITE - Liberty Movie only $5 Includes non-gmo popcorn Beer, Wine, Kombucha and more at the Windmill Taphouse bar

3.8. Sat Jun 17th LPHC Volunteer Training and Workshop 11-5

3.9. June 20th Tues next County Wide Business Meeting

4. Action Items

4.1. Task 1

4.2. Task 2

5. Discussions

5.1. Open discussion on 2018 elections and candidate support including Randy Wiseman our Libertarian Candidate for FL Governor in 2018. We are starting already to collect contact information of those willing to help with our Libertarian Presidential Candidate in 2020. The next quarterly training session is on Saturday, June 17th. Save the date. Like any political party for us to accomplish all the things we need to do to recruit and train volunteers, to mobilize teams to reach out to voters, to help get Libertarians in positions where they can influence government locally and beyond, we provide the structure - YOU ACTIVATE THE CHANGE.

5.2. Open Discussion on Volunteers and Training - needs - preferences Like any political party for us to accomplish all the things we need to do to recruit and train volunteers, to mobilize teams to reach out to voters, to help get Libertarians in positions where they can influence government locally and beyond, --- Link on website to bring a motion to the floor to be voted on in meetings --- online videos (youtube) --- email list training linking to in order --- quarterly leadership training/workshops --- volunteer work/fun days we provide the structure - YOU ACTIVATE THE CHANGE.

5.3. Open Discussion of LPHC to 2020 Your ideas, your thoughts, your dreams, your goals, SHARE TODAY SHARE via email to [email protected]

6. Vice Chair Report

6.1. Budget Committee Forming we are forming a budget and finance committee to prepare till 2020 elections. Eric - Vice Chair Kerry - Treasurer Kevin - Large Donations _____ Membership Donations _____ and YOU if you are interested in where we will plan to spend our money.

6.2. Fundraising Committee with Kevin - help us plan our annual dinner/auction - help create donation request mailers - help with various smaller events Eric - Vice Chair Kevin - large donors ___ Event Planners ___ Membership donations ___ YOU if you are interested in how we RAISE our Money from

7. Chairperson Report

7.1. New LPHC Leadership

7.2. New LPF Leadership and conf updates

7.3. Operation Connect 25 We are going door to door within our neighborhoods and reaching out to LPF voters that do not have an email or phone # on file. Letting them know we are here, that we have a Libertarian running for FL Governor, Invite them to connect with us at our events (give card) and see if we can update their email and phone number to communicate with them.

7.4. Voter Registration Drive Hillsborough has the MOST registered LPF Voters with over 2400 in our county. Thanks for the hard work. CASH PRIZE of $350 to county with highest % of increase (lg and sm counties) Since we were planning Connect 25 LPF outreach anyway - let kick-it up and register voters and try for the prize.

7.5. The LPHC is working to have more transparency, and accurate effective efficient organization in order to support you living a more LIBERTARIAN LIFESTYLE. This includes job descriptions of volunteer leaders as well as volunteer opportunities as they arise. In addition to sharing our general meetings on-line, much of our future planning and collaboration will be on-line as well so each of us can fit it in our busy lives.

7.6. VOLUNTEER Training & Workshops - Saturdays 11am - 5 pm (quarterly) June 03 - All Committee Chairs and officers June 17 - All volunteer leaders

8. Secretary Report

8.1. no minutes to report or approve at this business meeting.

8.2. In the future LPHC Members will be able to access all reports online. The process is being completed now.

9. Treasurer Report

9.1. We need to raise $4,500 to cover general overhead, send out the 2017 outreach letters, pay our fees and expenses, purchase supplies needed for our headquarters, and to prepare our volunteers to support our 2018 candidates.

9.2. Please consider donating $15 - $50 today Bring donation to each Meeting Set up a recurring donation Mail check PO Box 273182, Tampa 33618 Donate on-line at www.LPHC.org

9.3. Or DONATE POSTCARD STAMPS as an in-kind donation for our big FALL Outreach. Every little bit helps move our mission forward.

9.4. We have some extra shirts to give away to anyone who can donate $10 or more this evening.

9.5. Thank you for your support towards a better Hillsborough and #RiseOfTheLibertarians


10.1. Facebook

10.1.1. Region 8 of LPF Hillsborough, Hernando, Pinnellas, Polk, and Pasco

10.2. www.LPHC.org

10.2.1. YouTube

10.2.2. Projects

10.3. EVENTS