ENG 307 Course Goals

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ENG 307 Course Goals by Mind Map: ENG 307 Course Goals

1. "Identify the elements of rhetorical situations in common business writing scenarios to compose appropriate texts for internal, external, and global audiences. (RHETORIC)"

2. "Implement flexible strategies and generate appropriate processes for reading, drafting, reviewing, collaborating, revising, rewriting, rereading, and editing using a variety of technologies. (PROCESS)"

3. "Collect, analyze, and apply primary data and secondary sources through various technological and document design processes. (INFO LIT & MANAGEMENT)"

4. "Create, critique, analyze, and evaluate oral presentations, including visuals and handout materials. (MULTIMODAL)"

5. "Participate in intentional cross-cultural relationships during collaborative and social aspects of writing processes, including giving and responding to productive feedback and working in teams. (COLLABORATIVE)"

6. Reflect on development of self as a writer, building on prior experiences to respond to new and challenging contexts. (REFLECT/TRANSFER)"

7. Deconstruct how genre conventions for structure, paragraphing, tone, and mechanics vary; compose using common formats and/or design features for job application materials, reports, presentations, and popular communication genres. (GENRE)"

8. Critique and attend to ethical responsibilities required by complex professional and technical contexts, genres, and communication environments. (ETHICS)"

9. My Goals: Expand my writing skills and make them applicable to future career situations. Learn the correct formats and appropriate language for business writing. Implement what I've learned from this course in my upcoming career.